Primary Education Department is a research and teaching facility of Faculty of Education Charles University in Prague

We are preparing quality teachers

We have created a concept of study with an emphasis on a quality personal and professional development of students in order to prepare them best for a progressive conception of school education.

The Department has a leading position among the faculties preparing teacher nationwide. Most of the teachers belongs to a highly-respected personalities in their field of science, who simultaneously care for a high-quality teaching of students with emphasis on partnership and cooperation in teaching, active methods of teaching and self-reflection.

We have a rich international cooperation with European universities, in which are involved students of Master's and Doctoral study programmes, especially within the ERASMUS.

We offer a highly requested specialization in drama education.

We intensively cooperate with progressive/innovative/ faculty schools, which help us to prepare students for demanding requirements of current school practice.


Primary Education Department guarantees (and participates in teaching) study programmes:

  • Teacher Training for Pre-primary Education - 3 years Bachelor's Study Programme
  • Early Childhood Education - 2 years consecutive Master's Study Programme
  • Teacher Ttraining for Primary Education - 5 years Master's Study Programme
  • Doctoral Study in pedagogy


We contribute to the inner school transformation

We participated on the creation of a series of conceptual materials in the process of transformation of the Czech educational system after 1989, for example: The White Paper, educational programmes General School, The Framework Educational Programme for Preschool and Basic Education.

We are very actively involved in the process of internal transofmation of school, either within professional associations – PAU (Friends of Engaged Learning), NEMES (Independent Interdisciplinary Group for Transforming Education), Asociation of Preprimary Education, Asiociation of Teaching Profession, Asociation for Creative Drama, or within innovative projects and programmes - RWCT, Step by Step, Healthy School, Global Development Education.

We implement a wide range of educational activities for teachers at schools with an emphasis on innovative approaches in education. We are co-authors of the awarded textbooks and numerous didactics materials, that help teachers to teach well.


We are bearers of research intention in the teaching profession

Most faculty members are invovlved in solving single interdisciplinary research project in the Czech Republic which systematically deal with teaching profession and teachers' training.

During the six years of the project, we have published number of monographs and studies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We present the results on important local and international conferences, we collaborate with foreign universities within the projects which are thematically linked to the research intention.


In the Primary Education Department are maintained following scientific fields:

  • Primary Education
  • Preprimary Education
  • General Didactics
  • Pedeutology - theory of the teaching proffesion
  • Comparative Education
  • Personal Social and Drama Education
  • Didactics of Developing Initial Literacy
  • Education Diagnosis
  • History of Education
  • School Management
  • Educational Policy




Primary Education Department

Faculty of Education Charles University

M. D. Rettigové 4

116 39 Prague 1

Czech Republic


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Contact e-mail: jana.stara@pedf.cuni.cz


Information for the incoming Erasmus students


Department of Primary Education offer in the 2017/2018 the courses that you can see here .   The information about the registration to the courses and other information will be given at the meeting with the Departmental Erasmus coordinators PhDr. Jana Stará,...